Forgiveness Is Not So Fashionable

Yesterday’s post hit a nerve. Lots of visits to a “Guilt Site.” I wonder if forgiveness will be as popular?

I’m reviewing a couple of books on “forgiveness” that touch on the related topic of guilt. (There’s not a lot out there on guilt and remorse.) I’ll give any forthcoming recommendations next week.

Just a quick thought: in my experience (and stories I have heard from others) forgiving someone (including self) unleashes power and freedom.  C.S. Lewis’ observation about silence and noise (see yesterday’s post) parallels the twin topics of forgiveness and unforgiveness: God works through the first; Satan sows his destructive seeds in the latter. (Now I’m not someone who is paranoid to the point of obsessiveness with Satan. But I am aware. Once agan, C.S. Lewis observes that the devil does his greatest damage when his existence is denied!)

I’ll bet you have stories about forgiveness, too…


~Mr Ed Catholic


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